The University of Shkodra “Luigj Gurakuqi” (USH) in its history has experienced significant changes in the structure, content, organization and direction. Two great periods of its development can be distinguished as following: The first period, 1957 – 1990, when it functioned as a High Pedagogical Institute, with a 2-year study programs, later extended to 3 and 4-year study programs. The second period, 1991 – onwards, the High Pedagogical Institute of Shkodra changed its status to University.

After 2000, the University of Shkodra was engaged in policy making in order to reach the objectives set out in the Bologna Declaration, the inclusion in the European Higher Education Area and the promotion of the European Higher Education System. The qualification of the academic staff of Shkodra University has always been at the center of the scientific work of the Faculties and Departments

Throughout these years, the University of Shkodra has established collaborative relations with many universities and Higher Education centers. It actually has permanent collaborative relations with different Universities from the Balkan, EU countries and USA.

There are six faculties at the University of Shkodra which are: Faculty of Natural sciences, Faculty of Social sciences, Faculty of Educational Sciences, Law Faculty, Economic Faculty, Faculty of Foreign Languages.

The University of Shkoder actually offers 63 different study programs in the 3 study cycles.

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