Center Science and Innovation for Development (SCiDEV) is an independent, non-partisan organization, that aims to support and incentivize sustainable, economic and social development and democratization in Albania and the wider region. To achieve this SCiDEV works with academia, civil society, media, private and public institutions, in strengthening innovation and scientific research, advocating, and supporting use of evidence for legal and regulatory initiatives, and undertaking capacity building activities to empower diverse communities. SCiDEV works in the following areas: Democracy and good governance: EU integration, evidence informed policy making, digital rights and democracy, anti-corruption; Media and Communication: Countering disinformation, media literacy, science communication, media and civil society nexus, media development; Strengthening Research to Society Links: Quailty of research, citizen science, open access, capacity building, knowledge transfer and innovation, networking and science communication; Innovation and digital transformation: Digital literacy, digital rights, digital skills, social economic empowerment through digitalization and innovation, digitalization, digital transformation, inclusive digitalisation, Women in STEM.

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USIA Contact at SCiDEV
Dr. Blerjana Bino
e: [email protected]