CCI Tirana is the biggest business support organization in Albania, giving consultancy with the business regarding their issues. It operates in the management of a series of projects, mainly implemented in partnership with the other partners abroad funded by different Programs of the European Commission, such as the transboundary programs or the ones of the South-East Europe. CCI Tirana organizes a certain number of trainings with employees of different businesses according to the relevant subjects based on the interest, including the issues of the strategic management and business planning, financial management, project management, internationalization, marketing, etc. The aim of CCI Tirana is to contribute in the realization of business missions with international partners in Albania or in other foreign countries with its own initiative as well as a part of the government delegations, attracting the foreign investments to Albania and their cooperation with the Albanian investors. It provides a specialized judicial and technical consultancy for its own members and for all the businesses that operate in the district of Tirana in the Field of Intellectual Ownership (Trademarks and service brands, invention patents, geographical nominations, copyright, defending the cases of the industrial ownership at the courts of all the levels, specialized consultancy at public and private Universities).

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