Aleksandër Moisiu University in Durrës (UAMD) was established on 2005 and is one of 11 public universities in Albania. When the University opened its doors in the 2006-2007 academic year, one thousand of students from across the country started their studies. Today Aleksandër Moisiu University has about nineteen thousand students (19 000) and 6 main units: Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education, Faculty of information Technology, Faculty of Political and Juridical Sciences, Faculty of Professional Studies and Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice (FASTIP). This institution is based in the best western academic experiences. The students are in the centre of attention in all activities and services provided. Aleksandër Moisiu University brought a new mentality in the whole Albanian higher educational system through a new method of program organization, university life, scientific research activities, links with the local community and academic world. It is designed as a university with innovation in teaching and learning.

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