Center for Comparative and International Studies (CCIS) has established itself as a civil society organisation with a regional and sustainable development focus. It works in partnership with research centers and universities, youth and local communities, civic groups and non-profit organizations as well as public and private sectors. CCIS has a well-established network of partners in Albania and in South East Europe, particularly in Serbia, Kosovo and Macedonia. With its very qualified expertise and renowned pool of consultants and excellent performance in project development, CCIS seeks to be a leading Think Tank in Albania working primarily in the following areas: good governance, human rights and security, sustainable development, youth and social innovation. QSKN produces policy papers, research reports; it organizes conferences, capacity-building programmes and public events. CCIS is experienced in project management and has developed adequate institutional capacities to successfully design and implement projects together with the procedures for their financial and administrative management. It uses separate accounting for each project and reports separately to the respective donor.  CCIS has developed a Financial Management Handbook which aim is to ensure compliance of financial transactions and practices with the Centre regulations, donor’s requirements and legislation in place for profit organizations. In addition, CCIS provides constant monitoring of the projects in order to make sure it is running as per the schedule and budget. 

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