Spanning Boundaries Agents: SCiDEV

Spanning Boundaries is a 5-month online training programme, organised in two cohorts in 2021-2022. The second cohort is organised by UIIN, Crazy Town and other members of […]

SCiDEV organises event on media freedom in Albania

SCiDEV organises event on media freedom in Albania and the relevance of cooperation withacademia. The journalists’ associations from the Western Balkan countries, with the support of […]

Second workshop organized by the University of Belgrade

The aim of this event is respond on WP.2.3 planned activities, which is training of USIA staff through mobility in EU project partners. The training was […]

USIA Lab at the Professional College of Tirana

We present you with the newest laboratory in the Professional College of Tirana “USIA Lab”. This laboratory was created thanks to the USIA project.To set it […]

Meeting relating  WP6 Luigj Gurakuqi University in Shkodra

Shkoder relating WP6 On June 24, 2022 in the #USIA laboratory at theLuigj Gurakuqi University in Shkodra a meeting was held between institutional working group, students […]

Online meeting with regard to the implementation of WP5

In the frame of WP5, “Second a researcher”, lead CCIT and co lead the Professional College of Tirana (KPT), it was organized an online meeting in […]

Online Meeting in the Framework of WP7

On 14/06/2022, in the framework of WP7 – Quality Assurance, Mediterranean University of Albania (MUA) held an online meeting with The Accreditation Council for Entrepreneurial and […]

USIA Laboratory at the Faculty of Economics, University of Shkodra

Internet navigation to identify institutions with which businesses should collaborate to provide quality products and services. Where to orient to provide standards, a basis of sound […]

5th Steering Committee Meeting

While in Rome, the USIA partners organized the 5th Steering Committee Meeting under WP9-Management and the leadership of the Mediterranean University of Albania. The meeting was […]